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About C'Treat


Innovative Technology

C’treat’s development and field testing have reduced the total costs of seawater desalination for the offshore oil and gas industry by making the reverse osmosis process as efficient and trouble-free as possible.   In addition, our reverse osmosis systems require no chemical pre-treatment in operation, both simplifying the process and lowering cost. C'treat's equipment is supported through its commitment to making consumables, spare parts, and technical service readily available to its global customers.


C'treat builds and tests complete Reverse Osmosis watermakers and ancillary water equipment at its manufacturing facility in The Woodlands, Texas, U.S.A. Experienced shop personnel carry out strict quality control throughout all phases of complete systems and proprietary components manufacturing. C'treat has formalized its quality control system to meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Our designs and equipment are routinely certified by Classification Agencies, such as ABS and DNV.

Operator Support

C'treat's Operator Support group assists operators in optimizing their fresh water production while minimizing operational (man-hour and part) costs. Operator Support objectives include:
  • Monitoring each site's consumable and spare parts
  • Timely delivery of purchased spare parts
  • Quality technical on-site support services
  • Keeping close contact with system operators to ensure that they are properly trained and current on technical improvements