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About C'Treat



Offshore installations, particularly those remote and/or in the deep offshore, need a dependable source of fresh water for all applications: drinking, equipment washdown, boiler feed, turbine washing, well injection and crude oil desalting prior to transportation. Many of our customers have operated C'treat watermakers for more than 20 years and attest to the reliability of the equipment and the support provided to their offshore sites. Many of our installations have been in continuous operation since 1982.


The cost of fresh water is always a concern offshore, both in remote locations and where it is possible to supply water by boat. C'treat's innovations in design and technology have been bringing down these costs year by year.


Because the marine environment is so severe, reliability depends on systems which can withstand the test of time. Since 1980, C'treat has been proving designs and hardware on platforms and drill rigs in partnership with our long-term customers, integrating field-proven components into the standard designs.